Pet Passport

Always wanted to take your pet on holidays? Then we at Barry’s Vets can assist you in obtaining that necessary Pet Passport.

We pet owners are finding it increasingly difficult to go on holidays and leave part of our family behind, especially for those extended periods away. The Pet Passport Scheme(PETS) allows our pets to be part of our great holiday memories and at the same time keep our country free from rabies and other exotic parasites that can have very devastating consequences.

A valid pet passport allows our furry friends(dogs, cats and ferrets) to travel between EU countries and listed countries without quarantine.


To obtain a pet passport:

  • Your pet has to be at least 3 months old
  • Requires its microchip number verified and recorded firstly(permanent identification)
  • A rabies vaccination injection secondly
  • An application to the Trade Section, DEARA for a passport(applications forms at reception)
  • Passport Certification by our Official Vet


To travel your pet needs:

  • A valid pet passport
  • Tapeworm treatment(dogs only). A tick treatment is also advised but not necessary.
  • Health Check to ensure at time of departure your pet is fit to travel.
  • 21 days must lapse between your pets rabies vaccination and the date of return to the UK
  • If traveling to non EU and non listed countries then there will be other criteria to be adhered too.

Plan well in advance!

Book an appointment and chat to our vets about how best to keep your pets safe on holiday!

For more information visit the DEARA website.