Pet Passport/Travel

Always wanted to take your pet on holidays? Then we at Barry’s Vets can assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation.

Pet Travel after Brexit

We pet owners are finding it increasingly difficult to go on holidays and leave part of our family behind, especially for those extended periods away. The Pet Passport Scheme(PETS) allowed our pets to be part of our great holiday memories and at the same time keep our country free from rabies and other exotic parasites that can have very devastating consequences.


As of 01 January 2021 the current UK ‘branded’ Pet Passport will no longer be valid for travel to EU States including the Republic of Ireland. However under the terms of the Northern Ireland protocol the current EU Pet Travel ‘Scheme’ continues to apply to Northern Ireland. So if you have an existing UK pet passport issued at our practice we will need to make a few necessary alterations so it remains valid for travel to the EU and GB.

It is important to realise that a valid Northern Ireland branded Pet Passport will be required for pets returning to NI from GB from 01 January 2021.

If your pet does not have a Pet Passport and you intend to travel to the EU or GB after 01 Jan 2021 then please get in touch so we can start the process in good time.

For further information please go to (they will be updating the guidelines soon)