Nail Clipping and De-matt

From time to time our pets need veterinary care to help them maintain their coats and nails.

Nail Clipping

There are lots of reasons why our pets’ nails grow long, age, poor mobility and lifestyle are but a few.

When nails grow long and are not clipped this can have negative consequences for your pet. For example, they can catch and be partially torn from the toe, they can embed into your pets toes causing considerable pain and they can affect how your pet walks. A lot of pet owners are confident at cutting their pets nails but one should always be careful not to cut too deep and expose the sensitive tissue of the nail. Cutting to deep will cause considerable bleeding and could introduce infection. Our veterinary staff are very calm, patient and experienced at cutting nails.

However for some pets it will be all too stressful and in these cases we believe that mild sedation relieves the stress for all concerned and allows a more thorough job.

Let us take a look and advise what best to do.


Most cats are very successful at keeping themselves clean and free from matts. However age, illness and a longer coat can mean they need help from time to time. Our nurses are excellent at removing matts and giving their coats a thorough comb through, all with the help of little sedation given and monitored by our vets.

Dogs too fractious for a groomer can be clipped out under sedation at our practice.