This is a very important thing to do to protect your pet. Micro-chipping is a quick and safe procedure which will increase the chances of your pet being returned to you if lost, injured or stolen.

The microchip is a small plastic chip that’s shaped like a grain of rice, which is inserted under the skin at the back of your pets neck.
Each chip has a unique number and therefore will be unique to your pet. The number is then linked to your personal contact information, name address, phone numbers which is completed online or by post and registered in a central database.
It means if your pet did wander off, get lost, injured and was then presented to any vets, animal shelter, sanctuary, RSPCA, warden or police that they can scan your pet, get the number and then return your pet safely to you.

Your pet can be microchipped at anytime by the vet but it’s generally done either at first or second vaccination.