House Visits

Whilst the best facilities for the treatment of your pet are in our surgery, there will be times when a home visit by the vet is more appropriate and we are happy to arrange a visit on these occasions.

Please make your request for a home visit before 10.00am and where possible and we will arrange an approximate arrival time later that day.

Please be aware that there is an extra charge for this service.

If your pet is no longer enjoying life and you have made the difficult decision to stop their suffering we are here to help. We can provide a peaceful and gentle passing for your pet at home. Our vets have special training and know what it is like to say good-bye to a faithful friend. We give sedation so your pet is calm and settled followed by a special injection. They will be unaware of it being their end of life.

Please call our clinic if you would like to discuss. We can help tease out when is the right time.

Cremation can also be arranged.