Diagnostic and Surgical procedures

Routine diagnostic and surgical procedures are carried out every day. The array of procedures that we offer in our clinic is reflective of our up to date facilities. The animals are usually admitted first thing in the morning and sent home late afternoon.


Diagnostic and Surgical procedures

During the admission of your pet you will be fully briefed on the procedure involved and what is required at home afterwards. On admission animals are examined by our vet and given pre-medication which helps them settle before their operation, which is normally carried out later in the morning or early afternoon.

We do require your consent in writing and any final queries about the procedure can be answered at this time. You will be given an approximate time to collect your pet and on collection a full progress report with aftercare instructions.

Please note that dogs and cats should be fasted before their surgery. The simplest way is to give them their last feed the evening before and no breakfast the morning of their scheduled surgery. However, very young animals should not be fasted for as long a time. If your pet is 4 month of age or younger and requires a procedure, it is best to seek advice from our vet about the fasting time required. Access to water is allowed at all times.